Curriculum Resources for Driver Education and Safety Providers

Community Safety Education Act

The Community Safety Education Act requires that driver education and driving safety courses include information about law enforcement procedures for traffic stops. The Flashing Lights video will be used to fulfill this requirement. The video demonstrates the proper actions for law enforcement officers and motorists to take during a traffic stop, including:

  • the role of law enforcement and the duties and responsibilities of peace officers;
  • a person's rights concerning interactions with peace officers; proper behavior for civilians and peace officers during their interactions;
  • laws regarding questioning and detention by peace officers, including any law requiring a person to present proof of identity to a peace officer, and the consequences when either officers or motorists or passengers fail to comply with those laws; and
  • how and where to file a complaint against a peace officer or to submit a compliment for a peace officer.

"Flashing Lights" Video

The Community Safety Education Act video can be streamed from YouTube. You may also download a high-quality MP4 version (1.8 GB), which will download in a ZIP archive.

Stream the Video Download the Video

Instructors should use the Community Safety Education Act PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX) as a teaching guide to the video.

Recreational Water Safety (Julia Wells Act)

Human Trafficking

Information Relating to Human Trafficking Prevention must include:

  • activities commonly associated with human trafficking
  • recognition of potential victims of human trafficking, and
  • methods for assisting victims of human trafficking, including how to report human trafficking

Human trafficking information can be found by visiting the Office of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Page and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign and TDLR webpages: