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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

1. How can I get a duplicate certificate of completion for a driver education course?

To get a duplicate certificate of completion (the DE-964 or DE-964E Certificate of Completion), contact the driver education school you attended. If you completed a parent-taught course, contact the driver education provider with the parent taught endorsement.


2. My child dropped out of high school and has been told that they cannot get a driver license until they are 18. Is that true?

Yes. Persons under 18 must be enrolled and attending school as a condition of being licensed to operate a motor vehicle, unless the person has a high school diploma or GED.


3. I am enrolled in a 32-hour teen driver education course and I just turned 18. Can I use the time I have already completed as proof of completion of my 6-hour adult driver education course?

No. Teen driver education classroom hours cannot be applied to the 6-hour adult driver education classroom hour requirements. You must complete the full adult driver course or complete the full teen driver education program.


4. If I start at one driver education school, am I allowed to transfer to a different school?

Yes, you may transfer to another driver education school, as long as your previous school was licensed in Texas. For more information about transfers, please contact driver education and safety program staff .


5. Can I transfer from an out-of-state driving school?

Out of state hours do not transfer to Texas. You will need to enroll into a Texas driver education program to complete the classroom and driving requirements necessary to obtain a Texas learner’s permit and driver license. Please check with DPS for more information.


6. Can I take a driver education course in American Sign Language?

Yes. TDLR has created a driver education course in ASL that is intended to provide persons who are deaf or hard of hearing a way to fully participate in the classroom portion of the course. The ASL course is entirely optional.

The course must be taken through a licensed driver education school to receive a certificate of completion that will allow you to test for a learner license or driver’s license with DPS.

Ask your provider about the ASL course before you choose a driver education school. TDLR does not maintain information on which providers offer the ASL course.