School Closure Procedures for Driver Education Providers

Provide Notice to TDLR

The driver education provider owner must notify TDLR at least fifteen (15) business days before the anticipated provider closure.

In addition, the driver education provider owner must provide written notice of the actual discontinuance of the operation on last day that classes are offered to students.

You must make all records available for to TDLR upon department request.

Provider Notice to Parents/Legal Guardians and Students

The driver education provider owner must notify the parent/legal guardian and students before the anticipated closure date.

Course Completion and Refunds

The driver education provider owner must finish the entire course or the portion of the course the student is currently enrolled in at the time of closure.

Student records must be completed and issued to the student before the closure date.

The driver education provider must issue full refunds to a student when the closure prevents the student from completing the course.

Return of Certificates

The driver education provider owner must return all unissued driver education certificates (DE-964) or certificate numbers to TDLR’s Education & Examination Division after the school has closed.

Involuntary Closure

TDLR may consider a school to be closed if it meets any of the following conditions:

  • the provider no longer has the facilities, vehicles, instructors, or equipment to provide quality training to students
  • the provider has stopped delivering instruction and training in driver education and has failed to fulfill contractual obligations to its students
  • the provider owner allows the license to expire

Student Records

The driver education provider owner must retain all student records for at least three years.

Records must be organized, boxed and indexed to include a list of student names, quantity of records, per box, and timeframe of records.

Providers with no current enrollment may request approval from TDLR to transfer records to a secure location where documents will be safely stored.

You must make all records available to TDLR upon department request within 3- 5 working days.

Help and Assistance

For further help with closing a driver education school, please contact driver education and safety program staff with any specific questions.