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Change of Ownership for a Driver Education Provider

A driving safety provider license cannot be “transferred” to a new owner. The new owner must apply for a new license within 30 days before the date of the change.

Change of Ownership

A provider is considered to have changed ownership if any of the following are true:

Application and Fee

The new owner is required to submit a driver education application, a new bond under the new owner’s name, and a copy of the seller’s contract or any instrument of transferring the ownership of the driver education provider.

See the Apply for a New Driver Education Provider License page for requirements and application fees.

Branch Locations

If the provider that you purchased also owns branch locations, you will need to re-apply for new branch-location licenses and pay the applicable fees.

Branch locations that use the same name as the primary driver education provider cannot be owner operated by a different individual or entity than the primary provider.

Re-Inspection of School

A driver education provider that has changed ownership must have its school inspected and approved by the department.

After receiving your completed license application form, TDLR staff will contact you to schedule an inspection. Providers that do not change location can continue to operate pending inspection by TDLR.

See the what to expect in a school inspection webpage for information on what inspectors will look for.

Help and Assistance

For further help and assistance with changing ownership of a driver education school, please contact the Driver Education program and our staff will be happy to assist you.