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Continuing Education for Driver Education Instructors

Minimum Requirements

Driver Education Instructors must complete at least 2-hours of continuing education each license cycle

You must complete the continuing education before your license expires.

The courses taken must be in the subjects of driver education, driving safety, or instructional techniques.

Acceptable Coursework

Any coursework taken must be successfully completed, regardless of length.

Continuing education offered by a licensed driver education provider.

Region 6 Education Service Center’s driver education instructor workshop.

Reporting Credits

You are responsible for maintaining a record of your completed continuing education courses for a period of five years.

When you renew your license, you could be selected for a random audit. If you receive notice of an audit, then you will be asked to provide proof of completing your continuing education, which may include a course certificate, a school transcript, or other documentation verifying your attendance, participation, and completion of the course. Do not send proof of continuing education completion when renewing your license unless specifically requested by TDLR.