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Driver Education School Closure Information for Students

Students enrolled in schools that have since closed will have the opportunity for their completed hours to transfer to another school. TDLR will attempt to arrange for students enrolled in the closed school to attend another driver training school.

Stay Informed

When a school closes, TDLR will provide updates on Facebook, Twitter and the TDLR website. You may also want to sign up to receive email notifications from the Department. We will also keep the schools informed and updated with current information regarding specific situations.

Please check your school website for possible closure information and procedures.

Current Contact Info

Both TDLR and your driver education school may attempt to contact you during the closure process. Please make sure that the contact information on file is current.

If either party is unable to reach you, you may be ineligible to receive refunded tuition or to get credit for all hours you have completed.

Transferring Your Credit Hours

Before the school closes, the owner should provide you with copies of your student records, such as the classroom logs, behind the wheel logs, and the DE-964 or ADE-1317 certificate of completion. If you have not completed the course, you will then contact a driver education school, or a parent taught provider to make arrangements for enrollment as a transfer-student.

After you receive your transcript from the closed school, please provide a copy of your transcript to TDLR. This will allow TDLR to ensure that your new school correctly gives you credit for all hours that you have completed.

Student Records

If the school closed and you are unable to retain copies of your records, please contact TDLR for assistance. When a school closes and prevents a student from completing the course, all tuition and fees become refundable. In situations when a school owner fails to issue refunds TDLR will attempt to acquire the student’s records and file a claim against the school's bond Records will be kept up to three years from the date the course was completed or from the date TDLR received the records.

Tuition Refunds

Each driver training school is required to have a cancellation, termination, and refund policy and provide a copy to you when you register for a course. Please refer to that policy for the details of your situation, as you may be entitled to a refund for the hours of instruction that were not provided.

If you are student affected by a school closure, please contact the Education & Examination division and include the following:

  1. Student’s Full Name
  2. Enrollment Date
  3. School Name
  4. School Address