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Change of Location for a Driver Education Provider

If you plan to re-locate an existing driver education school, you must notify TDLR of the change in advance and your new location must be inspected before you can begin offering instruction to students.

Notice of Change

Not less than 15 business days before your move, you must submit a completed address change request with the required fee of $150.

Begin Your Address Change

Required Materials

The following must also be submitted along with the application:

Re-Inspection of Facilities

A driver education provider that changes their physical address will need to be inspected and approved by TDLR before it may operate.

After receiving your completed address change form, TDLR staff will contact you to schedule an inspection.

See the what to expect in a school inspection webpage for information on what inspectors will look for.

Accepting Students and Offering Instruction

If you are moving while courses are being taught to students, any student not willing or able to change locations must be given a pro-rata refund (without deducting any administrative expense) by the provider.

You may not begin operation of your school until the inspection has been completed and your updated license has been issued for the new location.

Help and Assistance

For further help and assistance with relocating a driver education provider license, please contact the Driver Education program and our staff will be happy to assist you.