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Driving Safety Providers Certificates of Completion

Uniform Certificates of Course Completion

Course providers must issue their own Uniform Certificates of Course Completion.

Providers must submit an issuance plan and sample certificate that follow TDLR-approved guidelines and receive approval to issue certificates to students.

Please contact driver education and safety program staff for the driving safety certificate template and specifications.

Ordering Certificate Numbers

Your Uniform Certificates of Course Completion must contain serialized certificate numbers obtained from TDLR.

The purpose of the certificate numbers is to allow courts, DPS, and TDLR to verify the authenticity of a driving safety certificate.

Order Certificate Numbers

Issuing Certificates to Students

You may only issue certificates to students who have successfully completed all elements of an approved driving safety course.

Texas Education Code requires that you mail or send the certificate electronically to the student, which provides a record of the transaction.

Instructors may not hand the certificates of completion to students when they complete the course.

If you choose to mail the certificates, you must use first-class postage, enhanced postage, or an equivalent commercial delivery method.

Reporting to TDLR

Within 5 days of issuing a certificate of completion, you must notify TDLR by uploading the data to the Driving Safety File Upload Portal.

Securing Access

You must create a system for securing access to certificates of completion, regardless of whether the certificates are electronic or paper-based.

At any time, TDLR may request a sequential accounting of all certificate numbers under your control.

Duplicate Certificates

You cannot issue an original or duplicate certificate with a serial number that was previously issued.

Any request from a student for a duplicate certificate must be issued with a new certificate number. The duplicate certificate must clearly indicate both the number of the duplicate certificate being issued and the original serial number of the certificate being replaced.

If the student requests a duplicate certificate within thirty (30) days of the date of issue of the original certificate because the original was not received, unusable, or was issued with errors due to no fault of the student, the provider must issue the duplicate at no cost to the student. Driving safety providers must include this information in the student enrollment contract.