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Offering the American Sign Language Driver Education Course

TDLR has created a driver education course in American Sign Language that you may offer to students.

Course Approval

There is no official approval process to teach the course, however we do ask that you please contact driver education program staff and inform us if you intend on providing the course to students.

Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is available online.

Driver education providers interested in offering this course will use Module 1 for the Adult (6-hour) Driver Education course and Modules 1 through 12 for the Teen (32-hour) Driver Education Course.

View Course Curriculum

This course must be taken through a licensed driver education school in order to test with DPS for a learner license or driver’s license.

Student Validation

Driver education providers must continue to incorporate all required timers, content validation questions, and security questions that are designed to establish the identity of the student or the student’s participation in a course and comprehension thereof.

For detailed information, see sections 84.500(b)(2)(B)(iv-vi) of the administrative rules.

Reasonable Accommodations

Online driver education courses are considered to be driver education schools, and are required to make reasonable accommodations for deaf or hard of hearing students.

See section 84.48 of the administrative rules for details.