What to Expect During a Driver Education School Inspection

The inspector(s) will arrive and introduce themselves and present state ID.

The inspector(s) will ask to speak to the owner or manager. If neither is available, the inspector(s) will notify the person in charge that the inspection will proceed.

The inspector(s) will leave an inspection record with the school after completion.

Overview of Inspection Requirements

Required Postings, Forms, Records and Lists

  • Consumer complaint sign or notifications
  • Advertisements
  • Safekeeping of records and certificates
  • Current school license
  • Current instructor licenses
  • Individual student records

Department Requirements

  • Desks/chairs/equipment necessary for type of instruction approved
  • Current Texas Driver Handbook or instructional materials that are equivalent given to each student in the classroom
  • Safekeeping of records and certificates
  • Check for working applicable safety equipment
  • Ensure school is located in a facility other than private residence

Vehicle Requirements

  • Check for Instructor rearview mirror
  • Check valid registration/inspection and insurance
  • Check for instructor brake
  • Check for applicable working safety equipment

Prohibited Practices

  • Instructing over 10 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction per day
  • Using false, misleading or deceptive advertising
  • Check of maximum number of instruction given per day to each student
  • Issuance of certificates when instruction has not been given
  • Conducting any part of a driver education course without having an instructor physically present in the appropriate proximity to the student
  • Conducting course with over 36 regular students in classroom or over 4 students per instructor for in-car instruction