Driver Education and Safety

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Advisory Board Meetings

February 7, 2018 Meeting

The Driver Training and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee met February 7, 2018 in Austin. The agenda and staff reports (PDF) are available online. The meeting was archived and is available on TDLR's YouTube channel.

News and Updates

Longhorn Driving School Closing

Longhorn Driving School located in Cedar Park, Texas closed its doors on December 30, 2017. TDLR’s first priority is to provide answers to common questions of parents and students who were impacted by the closure. Please see the Driver Education School Closure Frequently Asked Questions page.

Proposed Amendments to Administrative Rules

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation proposes amendments to existing rules for the Driver Education and Safety program (16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 84, Subchapter A, §84.2; Subchapter C, §84.41 and §84.44; Subchapter D, §84.51; Subchapter E, §84.62; Subchapter F, §84.70; Subchapter M, §§84.500, 84.502 and 84.503; and Subchapter N, §84.600). The proposed amendments primarily implement Senate Bill 848, House Bill 912, and House Bill 1372, 85th Legislature, Regular Session, 2017.

The proposed rules are published in the December 8, 2017, issue of the Texas Register (42 TexReg 6856). The Department will accept comments on the proposal until January 8, 2018.

The Department encourages anyone interested in the Driver Education and Safety program to review the rule proposal online. Comments may be submitted by email to

Vacancy on Driver Training and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (Department) announces a vacancy on the Driver Training and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (Committee) established by Texas Education Code, Chapter 29. The purpose of the Driver Training and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee is to advise the Texas Commission on Licensing and Regulation and the Department on rules and educational and technical matters relevant to the administration of this chapter. This announcement is for one member representing a driver education school that offers a traditional classroom course and in-car training.

The Committee consists of eleven members appointed by the presiding officer of the commission, with the approval of the commission. The advisory committee consists of the following members:

(1)   one member representing a driver education school that offers a traditional classroom course and in-car training;

(2)  one member representing a driver education school that offers a traditional classroom course, alternative methods of instruction, or in-car training;

(3)  one member representing a driving safety school offering a traditional classroom course or providing an alternative method of instruction;

(4) one member representing a driving safety course provider approved for a traditional classroom course and for an alternative method of instruction;

(5) one member representing a driving safety course provider approved for a traditional classroom course or for an alternative method of instruction;

(6)  one licensed instructor;

(7)  one representative of the Department of Public Safety;

(8)  one member representing a drug and alcohol driving awareness program course provider;

(9)  one member representing a parent-taught course provider; and

(10)  two members representing the public.

Members serve staggered six-year terms. This is not a paid position and there is no compensation or reimbursement for serving on the committee.

Interested persons should apply online. Applicants can also request an application from the Department by telephone (800) 803-9202, fax (512) 475-2874 or e-mail

Agencies Working to Ensure Community Safety Act Provides Consistent Training for Motorists, Officers

The Community Safety Education Act (S.B. 30) was developed to improve traffic stop interaction between motorists and law enforcement throughout Texas.

State agencies, including the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, are now working to provide information and training for drivers, students, and law enforcement on the expectations that each should have during interactions.

State Sen. Royce West (Dallas) and State Sen. John Whitmire (Houston), authors of the bill, recognized the need for consistency in this training across Texas.

Educational materials will include instructions to drivers on how they should react and communicate with officers during a traffic stop. Proper responses will also be included in training for new officers and continuing education courses for veteran patrol officers.

Officers will receive best-practice guidelines on their expected behaviors and reactions during a citizen contact. This same type of information will also be included in the instructional materials taught to high school students, and provided to driver training and driving safety course instructors licensed by TDLR.

“TDLR is honored to be a part of this effort to ensure, through improved education and communication, the safety of Texas motorist and law enforcement officers,” said Brian Francis, TDLR executive director. “Our agencies’ goal is to provide citizens with the right educational materials and information so that Texas can cultivate highly-engaged drivers. This should result in decreased tensions and anxieties between officers and citizens during traffic stops and other encounters that too often lead to undesired outcomes for everyone involved.”

A committee of state agencies has been assembled for the implementation of the act. TDLR, along with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, Texas Department of Public Safety, Teen and Police Service Academy, and Texas Education Agency are all working together to develop the instructional and training materials to be used by driving schools and law enforcement agencies.

TDLR Resuming Regular Inspections

Immediately after Hurricane Harvey, TDLR temporarily stopped initial and periodic inspections of Barber, Cosmetology and Driver Education school facilities in the disaster areas. On November 1, 2017, we will resume our regular inspection schedule. We will make every effort to avoid locations damaged by flooding. If a TDLR inspector arrives at a facility being repaired due to Harvey, then the inspector will return at a later date, to complete the inspection.

TDLR is continuing to provide a grace period for expired licenses, waive late renewal fees, provide duplicate license replacements for free, granting additional time to make-up hours at no additional cost to students, granting approval for temporary locations for schools which suffered severe damage, granting waivers for instructional time missed and reporting hours for waived instructional time on behalf of schools in the disaster area.

Please contact if you have questions or need additional information regarding schools or continuing education. Contact TDLR at or 1-800-803-9202 to order a duplicate license at no cost. If you need to temporarily change your address, phone number, or email address, please update your contact information online. For more information, visit TDLR’s Harvey web page.

Hurricane Harvey Relief for Schools and Students

TDLR's response to the Hurricane Harvey disaster includes streamlining procedures to help small businesses, our licensees and students recover as quickly as possible.

The following procedures are in effect for all TDLR-licensed schools in the counties listed in Governor Greg Abbott's disaster proclamation during the declared disaster period and any extensions:

  • Immediate relief for students. Cosmetology, Barber and Driver Education students should be granted additional time to make-up hours at no additional cost to the student. Some schools are using Distance Education for displaced students.
  • Extended grace period for expired school licenses. Schools in the affected area with licenses expired beyond the usual expiration limits will be allowed to renew.
  • Temporary locations allowed. Schools needing to relocate to a temporary location can do so without having a temporary license. If relocation is needed, please email your school name, license number, the relocation address, phone number, and email address to or calling 1-800-803-9202. Please place Harvey in the subject line of your email.
  • Inspections suspended. Schools located in the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey will not be inspected during the declared disaster period. TDLR's priority is providing assistance and ensuring the safety of students and faculty. We will resume inspections once the disaster period has ended.

TDLR is committed to helping our fellow Texans through the recovery process, and we stand ready to assist in any way we can.

Driving Safety Data Upload

The online portal for course providers to upload driving safety student data is now available at, create an account and upload the required information. A link to the online portal also appears in the 'Driving Safety' menu (click 'Driving Safety Course Completion'). Course providers are required by rule to electronically submit student completion data within 30 days of issuing the certificate.

Additional Information

The Driver Education and Safety program at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) is comprised of the licensing and regulation of businesses known as Driver Education Schools, Parent Taught Driver Education programs, Driving Safety Course Providers, Driving Safety Schools and Instructors. Driver Education provides the basic skills and training required by law to provide the knowledge and hands-on experience to prepare people for their written and practical tests to operate a vehicle in Texas. Driving Safety Courses (sometimes known as 'defensive driving') are geared to improve a driver's knowledge, perception and attitude about driving. The Driving Safety Course Providers are required by law to offer curriculum that meets the standards required by law in Chapter 1001, Texas Education Code. TDLR's objective is to ensure that the schools, course providers, and instructors are qualified to develop and offer the courses and that the courses meet the required standards.

On September 1, 2015, the regulation of Driver Education Schools, Driving Safety Course Providers, Driving Safety Schools and Instructors under Chapter 1001, Texas Education Code, was transferred from TEA/ESC Region 13 to TDLR. This transfer is the result of the 84th Legislature enacting House Bill 1786 into law. In addition, the bill transferred the Parent Taught Driver Education program from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to TDLR. TDLR issues and renews licenses; issues certificates and certificate numbers; approves courses, providers, instructors and schools; accepts complaints; and responds to consumer and industry inquiries.

You may now submit complaints online regarding unlicensed activity or license violations in the Driver Education and Safety program.